Avishkar Patil

Chetan Singh Meena

I'm a JEE Aspirent, Student, Python Lover, Pro Developer

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Avishkar Patil

I am Chetan Singh Meena, Student from Hanumangarh jn. I'm in 11th,. and I am studing for JEE-IIT , also I have rich experience in Development.

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School life





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Study Performance

Study Performance

I am studying in Hanumangarh and I go to school Daily and I Like to learn New things.

Collage Life

School Life

School is First Step of life where we in free world and learn new things with knowledge.

Web Development

Web Development

I am a Web Developer and I have completed many projects Till today with my knowledge and Still Learning.

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2021 - Present

Higher Secondary

I am now in collage with group of Science with my exprience.

2019 - Past

Secondary School

I Have completed Secondary School Certificate Examination in March 2020 with 97% Marks

Before 2019

Happy Life

I am learning with happiness as today as well as archiving my Target and Gole.

2021 - Future


I will finlly solved this question and cleared soubt about this question .

2021 - Present


I am now thinking about Yesterday Difficult Question and trying to solve this

2020 - Past


I have a doubt about a one question from the book and it is very difficult

Friends Crew


Saubaan Sheikh

Dev. With and Editor, Designer

🔥 I am a Saubaan. Noob person JEE Asprints From 🇮🇳.I like do funny Thing n I am a Designer and Student in 12th STD Know More..


Sushant Kumbhar

Noob Topper and Boaring Person

I'm in 12th with my frds JEE Asprints and Become Topper It is My Dream Broh, Finding New Partner in clg 😂 !! Follow me on Insta sushantkumbhar264


Swarup Patil

Student & Nice Person 😈 🤣

😇 I'm Swarup, Studying As JEE Aspriant in Chate Clg To Become Future IITn , Listening Music 🎧, Follow Me on Insta Swarup1524

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  • Location :   Kolhapur, IN